Tableau for Departments

Audit, Risk, and Compliance Analytics

Perform faster audits, proactively expose risk, and ensure compliance

5 ways to conquer revenue models with modern pricing analytics

Find out how Tableau helps finance departments uncover fraud by exposing trends and spotting outliers.

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Boost efficiency using finance analytics

Combat the growing sophistication and complexity of fraud schemes using powerful, intuitive analytics that detect fraudulent activity 58% faster to limit your losses.


Find insights

Automate the analysis, discovery, and communication of insights to save time and money.

Make predictions

Provide AI-powered predictions to show stakeholders what might happen and what action they can take.

Take actions

Automate business processes by triggering workflows in Salesforce Flow directly in Tableau.

Customer success with Tableau

Customer story: ABN AMRO Clearing

ABN AMRO Clearing seamlessly manages settlement risk in stressed markets with Tableau.

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Using Tableau, real-time dashboards allow us to instantly identify unmatched and failed settlements. This pace plays a vital role in reducing counterparty risk and improving the client experience.

Find answers faster with easy-to-understand Tableau dashboards

Stop chasing numbers on a spreadsheet

Find answers faster. Tableau helps you perform speedy internal audits using all your data–not just a sample. Quickly identify risks and maintain compliance using rich visualizations connected to on-premises and cloud data warehouses and live data sources.

Identify possible channel stuffing

Save money by detecting suspicious returns, then drill down into the results. Tableau shows you a timeline of potentially deceptive activity by specific accounts, uncovering unusual transactions for further investigation.

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Use analytics to identify corruption red flags

Without a powerful analytics platform, fraudulent activity can go undetected. But as global data volumes grow exponentially, Tableau helps you harness this data to quickly identify unusual patterns or red flags so you can take swift action.

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Plug-and-play analytics

Jumpstart your analysis and realize business value faster with Tableau Accelerators: free turnkey dashboards that work with your existing data.

Seeing is believing

These ready-to-use dashboards boost your productivity by tapping into the deep, functional, and industry expertise of the entire Tableau ecosystem–letting you harness the full power of your data.

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Tableau for departments

Departments across organizations worldwide are empowering their people with data. Learn how departments are driving business forward with Tableau.

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Organizations are finding opportunities to integrate Tableau with their existing technologies to drive business forward.

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