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Tableau allows anyone to quickly see, understand, and share valuable insights.

Analytics for every agency

Data is a strategic asset in all aspects of government. When presented clearly, it has enormous potential for increased transparency and improving mission critical outcomes and performance in a more operationally efficient manner.

With Tableau, Federal, State and local organizations can quickly and easily connect to all their data and visualize it by dragging and dropping—no scripting required.

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Top 7 Government Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

Governments at every level have started to embrace a new approach to business analytics, with IT and organizational leaders partnering to derive maximum insights and transparency from their data.

Where are things headed next? We’ve gathered the opinions and observations from hundreds of our experts at government agencies.

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4 Ways Government Agencies Can Deliver Better Results

With the pressure mounting to deliver more with less, public sector leaders are turning to data to improve outcomes for the people they serve. Driving better results for citizens and stakeholders is easier than you think.

5 Best Practices for Open Data in Government

Modern transparency enables data insights to action for the greater good. This paper outlines 5 ways for government agencies to utilize, understand and share open data with the public.

In practice

Better government through data analysis

The Leicestershire County Council helps citizens with a variety of services, from social care to education or waste management. In this video, team leader Robert Radburn shares how Tableau “helped our decision makers to see what people valued.”

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Federal deficit projections

Tableau lets you create interactive visualizations that help people understand public data. This visualization shows the U.S. federal deficit projection. The first dashboard shows an overview of projected deficit growth; the second dashboard provides detailed breakdowns of the projected revenue sources and spending.

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Data visualization at the Department of Defense

Learn how the Department of Defense rapidly deployed integrated and interactive logistics views for the leadership at the U.S. Army Materiel Command and the resulting impact on their culture and their mission.

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Typically when a concerned citizen asks a question, they just want an answer. Policymakers not only want an answer, they want to see the data to verify it. With Tableau, we now save about half an hour to an hour for each question.

Tableau for government analytics

Keep efficiency moving in the right direction

Governments provide a wide variety of citizen programs and services that drive massive amounts of cumbersome and complex data. But unlocking the full potential of intelligence hidden in that data doesn’t have to be so hard.

Tableau enables you to quickly and easily visualize any data, anywhere. Watch this video to see how.

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