Education analytics

Tableau allows anyone to quickly see, understand, and share valuable insights.

Graduate to better education analytics

Institutions need data to improve. From enrollment to scholarships, the sources of education data are vast, and managing analysis and reporting requirements across departments or campuses can seem challenging.

Tableau eases this burden by allowing anyone to perform sophisticated education analytics and share their findings online. Tableau can also be a powerful tool within the classroom, empowering students and educators alike to see and understand their data.

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University analytics in practice

What do education leaders have to say?

Higher education is an increasingly data-driven field. To make sense of what is happening today and plan for tomorrow, higher education institutions need to combine high-level views of organization and population changes with drill-down capabilities for true decision-making power.

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Education analytics webinar

Signs of a Successful BI Deployment from the University of Texas at Austin

In this presentation University of Texas-Austin discusses differences they found between their traditional BI Platform execution and Tableau. They demonstrate their monitoring and security solution, talk about pain points, discuss what should be avoided, and highlight their best practices.

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Education insights dashboard

Understand school enrollment trends to plan for future growth

Colleges need to see their student applications, admittance, and enrollment to plan for future growth. Understanding trends in student acceptance can mean the difference between having the necessary campus resources and professors and facing overcrowding. This visualization reflects real data of institutions across the United States.

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Institutional research

Uncover insights to advance your institution

As higher education institutions evolve and transform institutional research departments are needing to quickly analyze more data to help set priorities and inform strategic decisions across campuses. Explore how Tableau customers in institutional research are leading their institutions to better decisions and deeper insights faster than ever before.

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Tableau for education analytics

Do your analytics tools slow you down or speed you up?

Balancing the data, analysis and reporting requirements in education data analysis can be challenging. Having the flexibility to quickly analyze student data, prepare Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) reports, and identify areas to target for alumni activities are critical to campuses everywhere.

Tableau takes the pain out of education analytics by allowing you to quickly and easily connect to all of your data and visualize it. Watch this video to learn how.

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