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Securely access your on-premises data

In recent years, there’s been a stampede of companies moving their data and core applications into the cloud. But many organisations still house a lot of their data on-premises and behind their firewall. Accessing this data and blending it with data housed in the cloud has always been a challenge. That’s where Tableau Bridge can help. Tableau Bridge gives you the flexibility to make use of all your published data sources behind your firewall and keep them fresh.

Tap into your data

Even if your organisation has an active cloud strategy, you likely still have important data stored on-premises. Tableau Bridge lets you access data sources published on-premises just like you would cloud-based data sources, such as Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery. Now you'll always have access to your important data regardless of its location.

How it works

Tableau Bridge is a Windows-based program that lives on the same network as your on-premises data. Tableau Bridge then communicates with your Tableau Cloud site from behind your firewall, handling both scheduled extract refreshes or live queries of your published data sources.

As requests arrive, the Tableau Bridge queries your local data and securely sends the results back to Tableau Cloud. Tableau Bridge will keep your published data sources up to date and full of fresh data.


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Live data and scheduled refreshes

Tableau Bridge can set up live connections to your data, constantly keeping your data up to date. It can also work by refreshing extracts on a schedule you select. Tableau Bridge gives you the choice and flexibility to structure an environment that best fits your organisation.

How to set up live connections

Security you can rely on

Tableau Bridge keeps your data secure while communicating with Tableau Cloud. No firewall exceptions are necessary because Tableau Bridge makes outbound connections like a web browser would when connecting to Tableau Cloud. Tableau Bridge communicates with your site through an encrypted TLS connection so your data is always protected, even in transit. It's secure, encrypted and doesn't poke holes in your firewall.

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