Tableau 10.5


Use and share Tableau when and where you want.

10.5 brings a variety of different features that help you more easily and clearly collaborate across your organization. Nested folders help you stay organized and make it easier to find exactly what you need. New subscription and annotate and share features help you clearly communicate what and when you need to. Web authoring keeps on getting better with more formatting capabilities.

Nested projects

You can now nest projects within projects, and customize permissions at each level, or choose to use a top down permissioning structure. Now it's easier to organize your workbooks, so everyone in your organization can find what they are looking for.

Subscribe users in groups

Save time when creating a new subscription for large numbers of people. Search for and add groups when setting up a subscription. Continue to change permissions on the user level.

Subscription messages

Share more context for your analysis and add a custom message to subscription emails. Include text with any subscription email you create for yourself or subscribe others to, and easily update the message whenever you want.

Web authoring improvements

Web authoring is even more powerful. Edit dashboard titles, axis settings and text zones, and format lines across your entire workbook directly in the browser. Organize your metadata using hierarchies, and further your analysis with enhanced support for groups and trend lines.

Annotate and share

It's now easier to share when you are away from your desk. Draw and add text on top of a viz snapshot and share it through email, text, Hipchat, or Slack. Users can view or interact with the shared viz.