Why Business Analytics in the Cloud?

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Many business are moving to the cloud for sales data, marketing data, even financial and HR data. But is the cloud right for business analytics? And how should you even begin to think about the decision? In this paper we discuss several factors why you might want to move business intelligence to the cloud, including:

  • Fast timeline for deployment & aggressive growth plan
  • The need for mobile dashboards are a requirement
  • When collaborating with customers and partners on your analytics is a requirement
  • When you do not have IT resources to devote to managing a solution

This paper will help you understand the differences between on-premise and cloud analytics solutions, and why the cloud might be the right choice–even if your data is local.

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Many businesses today are re-evaluating their infrastructure so they can move faster and be more flexible. Adoption of cloud services, from Salesforce to Workday to Google Analytics, has been massive. But is it right for business analytics? And is it right for your business? What are the factors you should consider before sending your analytics skyward?

Fast, flexible deployment.

Research firm IDC found that speed to deploy was cited by 76% of cloud users—more than any other factor, including cost. If you need to get started right away without buying any hardware, installing or configuring anything, hosted solutions are unbeatable. You can be adding users and sharing dashboards within minutes.

World-class security

Security tends to be the primary concern that people have when moving to the cloud. The surprise? Security can improve with a transition to cloud-based analytics. Cloud vendors typically do round-the clock monitoring, perform regular threat assessments and have a team ready to deploy the latest patch immediately—all things that can tax your organization’s resources when hosting your own applications.

Simplified mobile access.

Because cloud solutions are accessible outside your firewall, they are easier for your employees to access on the go. You get the advantage of a secure system and authentication control. Your people get to log in from anyplace with Internet access without first getting into your firewall.

Easy sharing with customers and partners

A related benefit to the cloud is that sharing with people outside your organization gets much easier. No longer do you have to get partners or customers permission to come inside your firewall—simply give them an account to your cloud provider and let them access your dashboards there. This can be an excellent solution for agencies that create dashboards for their customers.

Look for a solution that supports security rules for data sources as well as for specific users and groups, to make sure everyone sees only what they are supposed to.

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