Telcos, changing the approach to customer connections

The global telco industry is one of the fastest changing sectors in the world as new technology such as 5G, AI and IOT collide with increased competition and new regulatory requirements. But how can you to take advantage of these changes to create business growth? It’s a significant challenge but many telos are already creating fast growth using their data and visual analytics—find out how in this whitepaper.

You'll learn how Verizon, Telia, M-net and Swisscom have revitalised business growth by adopting a digital transformation strategy that harnesses their data to make faster and smarter decisions. Using the visual analytics capabilities of Tableau to enable their entire organisation to understand their data, data-driven telcos are more connected in the way they serve their customers.

Download the whitepaper to learn how data and analytics can help you:

  • Make customer experience your competitive advantage
  • Develop propositions and products that lead innovation
  • Identify cost efficiencies while transforming legacy operations
  • Deliver data-driven customer analytics for improved targeting

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