7 Criteria to Consider When Embedding BI

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A Practical Guide for Software Companies Considering Whether to Build or Buy Embedded Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Your application helps customers solve problems. You’re proud of its role in your customers’ operations, problem-solving, or strategic decisions. Now you're interested in adding more value to your customers by embedding new visual analytics, dashboards and reports. But first you must decide whether to buy or build. Independent software vendors face this choice all the time, of course, and there are traditional criteria.

However, there’s nothing traditional about embedding visual analytics and business intelligence. This is a fast evolving discipline with high stakes. Done well, visual analytics help your customers start productive conversations based on the software you supply. Done poorly, visual displays reflect badly on your company and suggest an inability to keep up.

Though there’s no simple answer to “buy or build,” there are criteria — seven, in fact, that can guide you to make a well informed decision. This paper helps you identify and evaluate each one.

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