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These free 1-hour sessions range from introductory to advanced Tableau Jedi tricks.
Title What's covered
Getting Started
Learn Tableau Desktop basics in this introductory training session.
Getting Started with Tableau Prep
Learn Tableau Prep basics in this introductory training session.
Guided Analytics
Learn how to take your Tableau dashboards to the next level by designing with your end user in mind. Leverage interactivity to create meaningful reports that engage audiences.
Learn how to map your data in Tableau.
Data Blending
Learn how to blend multiple data sources together in Tableau
Take advantage of the many built-in statistical capabilities in Tableau.
Calculations I
A step-by-step guide to start using calculations to manipulate your data.
Calculations II
Take your calculation skills to the next level in this advanced training session.
Server Administration
Learn the features and how to administrator your Tableau Server.

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