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Featured Sessions

Title Length
How to Excel with Tableau

Perfect for current Excel users looking to better understand how to work with Tableau.

41 MIN
Data Integration

Does your data live in multiple places? Curious to know the best ways to bring them all to one place?

32 MIN
Introduction to Table Calculations

Looking to take your data analysis to the next level? In this webinar, you’ll get an intro to Table Calculations in Tableau.

24 MIN
Advanced Visualization Types

Looking to spice up your visualizations? View this webinar to learn how to take your visualizations to the next level.

57 MIN

Recorded Sessions

Title Length
Getting Started

If you're new to Tableau or need a refresher on Tableau basics, this session is for you.

51 MIN
Getting Started with the COVID-19 Data Hub

In this quick 30 minute online training, a Tableau expert will walk you through how to use the starter workbook and how to connect the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 data stream with your own company data.

30 MIN
Getting Started with Tableau Prep

Calling all analysts, data stewards, and current Tableau Desktop users who want to learn the basics of Tableau Prep.

51 MIN
Guided Analytics

This session will appeal to people at various Tableau skill levels. From creating basic visuals to building highly interactive dashboards.

48 MIN

This session is for Tableau Desktop users who are looking for a deeper understanding of calculations in Tableau.

59 MIN

A session for anyone who has geographic data and wants to see in on a map in Tableau will benefit from this session.

46 MIN
Server Administration

If you are a new Tableau Server Administrator or need overall knowledge on Tableau Server features and settings this session is for you.

58 MIN
Embedded Analytics

This session is for those who are curious about the possibilities of deploying Tableau’s comprehensive embedded solution into other applications.

35 MIN