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TC21 Focus: New In Tableau

What's the latest in Tableau? Dive into the episodes below to learn more about Tableau and AI, what's new in Ask Data, security and governance innovations and so much more!

Trust Me, Data Management is Where It's At

Anushka Anand
Great analytics workflows have trust at their core. Tableau Data Management offers a modern approach to discover, prepare, govern and secure rich analytics data. Join this session to explore the product and how it can elevate your insights.

Stats and Beyond: AI/ML Overview

Amir Meimand
Tara Morton
Data rockstars in any role can employ the powers of Tableau to investigate data—no experience required. We’ll explore native functionality, including cluster analysis, forecasting, and pre-deployed models, as well as the analytics extensions API that's available to analysts and data scientists. Bring your questions!

Getting Down to Business Science

Bobby Brill
In dynamic environments where speed to insight and business knowledge are critical to decision making, data science projects don't always fit the bill. Join this session to learn how Tableau's Business Science puts data science tools, like governed no-code AI, guided model building, and scenario planning, into the hands of business people, so your team can make better decisions and stay ahead of dynamic business environments.

Answers in Seconds? Ask Data 2.0

Jared Briskman
This episode is about the what, why, and how of the brand new Ask Data 2.0 experience. Learn how anyone in your organization can self-serve the data answers they need in seconds, not days, with the power of natural-language analytics.

What Data Changed and Why?

Rachel Kalmar
Honto Ming
What changed and why? Tableau has a new tool to help customers answer these questions. Join this session to learn the secrets behind your data changes.

Architect Your Enterprise

Douglas Lam
Janga Aliminati
Spearhead your enterprise deployment with best practices to help you manage availability, scalability and security / compliance.

As Safe as Fort Knox? Security and Governance Innovations in Tableau Data Management

Sanjeev Verma
Poornima Farrar
Modern analytics workflows require data governance and security to give analysts power to explore and discover fresh insights. Explore the new data policy, virtual connections, and centralized data security capabilities within Tableau Data Management.

Under the Hood of Tableau Online

Evan Slotnick
Go behind the scenes and see how Tableau runs our Software-as-a-Service offering, Tableau Online. We will cover the high-level architecture and explain how the system serves hundreds of thousands of geographically distributed users. Learn about how we scale your site and secure your data in the cloud.

Boost Your Salesforce Analytics with Tableau CRM

Edward Mengel
Susan Emerson
Got Salesforce? Join this session all about Tableau CRM, our AI-powered analytics solution that's tailor made for Salesforce users. Learn how we're integrating contextual insights and intelligent recommendations into every CRM user's workflows, so you can learn what happened and why, and better predict what to do next.

Unleash Analytics in Your App!

Ben Lower
Lee Graber
In this episode, we introduce new services that enable software developers to bring Tableau analytics and exploration experiences right inside their own applications. Learn how your application can provide rich analytics capabilities, powered by Tableau.

Planning & Tableau

Sarah Wachter
Richard Tibbetts
Learn more about a new AI product from Tableau that will help you make better decisions with data by comparing different outcomes.

Creation to Collaboration

Varnit Grewal
Tableau has exciting new spaces that enhance your end-to-end content workflows. Come learn how to start exploring data in your private sandbox, share content in curated collections, and encourage collaboration and interaction with content in Slack.

Speed to Insight: Tableau Online + Salesforce

Noel Carter
Scott Smith
Unlock and explore your Salesforce data with the latest Tableau Online integrations for Salesforce Customer 360. Using Salesforce Authentication and Tableau Accelerators, you'll learn how to easily explore data and seamlessly share insights with your entire organization.

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