Launch the next phase of your data revolution

Empower your people with data.

Unite your two most valuable assets, your people and your data, and maximize business impact.

Start by choosing an analytics platform that users love and IT trusts. With self-service analytics, your entire organization can generate instant value from your data. Bring IT and the business together to pair governance with agility. Empower your people with an enterprise analytics platform and propel the business forward.

Empower those who have questions

Allow the people who know the business to engage with trusted data. Give them the freedom to explore their questions from every angle. Maximize the return on your data by giving everyone the opportunity to discover its hidden insights.

Advanced analytics made simple

Tableau makes it easy to dive deep into the data – no programming or scripting required. No rigid templates or wizards to limit your findings. Tableau was designed to let users focus on the data, and discover what it has to say, without the software getting in the way.

Build a culture of analytics

Put data at the center of every major conversation. Empower everyone to ask and answer questions with data. Facts, not opinions, have the final say. With a culture of analytics, you can use data to reach higher levels of knowledge, innovation and employee engagement.

Powered by IT

Tableau delivers everything your IT department requires from a modern enterprise platform. From governance and security, to integration, scalability and performance monitoring, Tableau is the analytics platform that IT can get behind.

Gartner Magic Quadrant

For the fifth year, Tableau is a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics platforms.

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Analytics for your entire enterprise


Oldcastle is a leading manufacturer of building products in North America. Before Tableau, sharing data across the company was difficult. Without a single source of truth, it was easy for data to be misinterpreted. In this video, CFO, Ian Crabtree and Business Analyst, Paul Lisborg share how Oldcastle publishes curated data sources to Tableau Server to keep everyone on the same page, including executives and sales representatives.

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JetSuite is a private plane charter company redefining private aviation through transparent pricing, efficient operations, and award-winning safety practices. In this video, JetSuite's CEO, IT Director, and more talk about why they rely on Tableau Online to manage their business—“even on a JetSuite aircraft at 40,000 feet.”

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