Finding Your Tableau Gurus

Subject Area: Process

Level of complexity: Beginner

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A Tableau Guru is typically a specialist inside your company that has worked with Tableau closely in the past. A good first place to look for your Tableau Guru is with your Tableau Server Admin. Other than being a resource on Tableau, he or she can point you towards the Guru's who publish and create content for your Server. Knowing who your Tableau experts are, is important to ensuring the creation of content is as optimal as possible.

When you have questions that need answering before continuing to build out workbooks, the Guru should be there to assist. If you company doesn't have a Tableau expert, consider becoming one yourself. To become a recognized Tableau Guru think about signing up to take a Tableau Certified Exam. This will allow you to take your Tableau knowledge anywhere you might go. Tableau provides great online resources, whether you are a beginner and want to watch some videos on basic Tableau usage, or you are an advance user who needs to find more technical oriented questions.

A good starting point for finding solutions is the Tableau Software Product Support page. Here you can find getting started guides and also links for knowledge base articles that answer the more technical questions. Tableau also provides Professional Services to assist your team in ramping up to becoming a Tableau Guru as fast as possible.

Tableau has a vibrant online community, with so much activity happening on tableau online there is sure to be someone who can help answer your question. Lastly don't forget to visit Tableau's Online Community. While many other companies have message boards that seem like a barren desert, Tableau's online community is very much active and receives attention from inside the company on the suggestions our community has for creating a better Tableau Experience.