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Tableau Community Equity Task Force

An action-oriented group of diverse voices focused on the Tableau Community's fight for equality, inclusion, and equity.

Vision: We strive to help promote an inclusive and approachable community for all data users, no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, religion, age, or neurodiversity. We aim to foster a community where we keep equal representation at the center of all our conversations within Tableau’s Community programs.

This is an action-oriented group focused on removing barriers so that all members of our community can be successful in their Tableau journey.

Meet the Community Equity Task Force Members

Former Community Equity Task Force Members


Working together as a diverse and influential set of community members, we set out to evaluate and address equality, equity and race issues within the Tableau Community and its programs. 

We will dedicate the next year to the following initiatives: 

  • Establish and deploy training for all community leaders 

  • Increase diverse representation in community leaders, which includes Visionaries, Ambassadors, Tableau Public Featured Authors, and User Group leaders

  • Evaluate and address the community entry points to ensure inclusive opportunities for all 

  • Educate and engage the broader Tableau community on our efforts through content and events

  • Develop specific pilot projects to provide training, mentorship and workshops for youth and students in underserved areas

CETF Public Gallery


Community Equity Task Force Viz Gallery

 This gallery, curated by our Tableau Community Equity Task Force, showcases the work of the Tableau Community and its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice. 

Click HERE to view the Tableau Public Gallery.



Racial Justice Data Initiative

Through a three-year, $10 million commitment launched in June 2020, Tableau Foundation is partnering with organizations to dismantle systemic racism in the U.S. We believe that data is a powerful tool in the fight against inequity, and we aim to empower organizations to grow their data capacity to do this important work.


Data + Diversity

We recognize diversity not only makes for better companies, but unlocks the potential of individuals and the community as a whole. Understanding diversity data can be difficult, and data is a powerful tool to help bring accountability to diversity efforts. Join us for conversations on diversity advocacy and experiences from the data community. We’ll highlight voices sharing actionable ways to use data for greater inclusion, and provide much-needed inspiration for active change.
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