You're probably here trying to figure out how Tableau and Microsoft Power BI are different.

The best way to do that is simply try them side-by-side for 10 min. and then ask yourself:

"Which one helped me answer my questions faster?"

What Makes Tableau Different

This video walks through several things you can test yourself when comparing Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Whether you are a data analyst doing data discovery and building dashboards or are part of a central IT team in charge of maintaining and administering analytics and BI platforms, this video points out differences you'll want to be aware of when comparing the two options.

What Now?

Hopefully what you've seen on this page has been helpful, but honestly...don't take our word for it, do your own comparison asking data questions you and your company actually care about. That is the only real way to know whether Tableau or Microsoft Power BI is right for your organization.

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