We have made no secret in this blog that we love public data and visualizations. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we are huge fans of Jerome Cukier at the OECD Factblog, who has been churning out visualizations of OECD data at a fantastic pace over the past several months. Check out one of his latest creations, which shows how the recession has affected men and women differently.

To me, the most interesting part of this visualization is the differences between countries. For instance, rates in Belgium were reversed for some time, but in Denmark the unemployment rate for men has grown by four times as much as the female rate.

What we like about this viz

Reference line: The bottom visualization would still be useful without the reference line that marks 100%. However, it is much easier to analyze with it.

Quick disclaimer: In no way do we intend to suggest that women have had an easier time of it in this recession. Everyone is affected differently. This visualization is merely a presentation of interesting facts for analysis.


Excellent use of public information first of all. I was very impressed with the formatting of the tool tips/hover over. I had not seen one that was quite so well presented. The space helped draw attention to the individual findings.

These numbers a quite staggering really as it truly is a mancession. I have a few friends who have been effected by this and it really needs to get better soon. There are even satirical articles such as this one (http://returntomanliness.com/disaster recovery software/2008/10/07/the-effects-of-unemployment-on-men-and-their-manliness/) and the morale of unemployed men is really starting to fall because of it. Overall a very informative and good chart, but I'd rather not have these numbers spread all over the planet or we might see a few too many suicidal men out there.

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