Tableau User Group Weekly: April 25 - 29, 2022

A weekly snapshot of what's coming up in the User Group Community so you don't miss a thing.

Welcome back to this week's snapshot of the latest Tableau User Group events happening around the world. Catch up on the freshest content or join an upcoming meetup, all while getting inspiration from the DataFam. Not only will you learn new tips and tricks, but you’ll see them in action too. You can nominate a user group to be featured as the next User Group Meeting of the Week here.

User Group Meeting of the Week: Atlanta

The Atlanta Tableau User Group had a rockin’ event last week with two guest speakers, Brian Ellyson and Jared Flores. Brian went over Dashboard Design with a new lens. He brought attention to key concepts, such as the Inverted Pyramid of design, how to make intentional choices, and the importance of simplicity. Jared broke down Tableau Prep to show that anyone can learn it, no matter their skill level. He covered how to recreate the Superstore data set in a follow-along demo. He explained why certain actions were created and how to improve upon them. Dive in and watch the recording here.

Coming up

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Nashville Tableau User Group (virtual)
High Country Tableau User Group (virtual)
Community Drivers Tableau User Group (virtual)
Tableau Coders User Group (virtual)
Data + Women Germany Meetup (virtual)
Canada User Group (virtual)
Analytics Tableau User Group (virtual)
Washington DC Tableau User Group (virtual)
Wisconsin Tableau User Group (virtual)
Higher Education Tableau User Group (virtual)
Western Washington + Colorado K-12 Tableau User Group (virtual)

Japan Tableau User Group members at the Tableau Viz Exhibition “Life” 〜日常にデータを held at a local cafe in Tokyo April 15 - 17

Community Vizzes displayed at the Exhibition put on by the Japan Tableau User Group

In case you missed it

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