Flight Search Viz, Tableau 9.2 Tips among Best of the Tableau Web

Between Star Wars and Tableau 9.2, it’s been a busy month for the Tableau community.

What a busy month December turned out to be, what with the holidays, the Tableau 9.2 launch, and the frenzy over Star Wars!

For the month of holiday travel, Maxim Ladid visualized all direct flights from airports around the world. You can pick a route from your city, specify an airline, then even click through to see available flights.

And here’s the rest of the best of the Tableau web for the month of December.

Tips & Tricks

Information Lab How Does Tableau’s UK County Mapping Work?
Sir Viz-a-Lot How To: Dynamic Drill Down Using a Heat Map Selection

Beyond the Basics

Evolytics Tableau 201: How to Make Small Multiple Stadium Maps
Datatonic Custom Geocoding Tableau for Belgium and Luxembourg
Information LabTableau Good to Great; Quadrant Analysis
Drawing with Numbers Feature Geek: How to Have Sets with Your Secondary (9.2 Style) via Aggregated Booleans

Exploring Tableau 9.2

Tableau Love Happy Tableau 9.2! Here’s How Locking Project Permissions in Tableau Server Works
Tableau Love Great Example of Embedding #Tableau Web Authoring in a Web Page
InterWorks Viz Easy with Tableau 9.2
Mapbox Tableau 9.2 Launches with Native Mapbox Integration

Bonus: <em>Star Wars</em>!

VizPainter Book Your Star Wars Vacation
Paint by Numbers Find Out If Hans Solo Is Your Soulmate
Biztory Star Wars – #starwarsdata and my first Tableau Public
StatHunting The Planets of Star Wars

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