An open letter to the Tableau Public community about Iron Viz

Dear Tableau Public Community,

We've heard you. We've seen the tweets, read the emails, and talked for hours with you.

We know your feelings about Iron Viz are complicated, and we feel the same way.

In the month since TC17, the conversation has reached fever pitch - but you've heard very little from us, from the Tableau Public team. You might have seen a message here and there from us individually, but we haven't responded - and it's given you the impression we're not doing anything.

That's not the case. We have had the same conversations internally too, much of it in response to what you're saying online. To your Twitter threads, to your surveys, to your blog posts. But that's as far as we've gone - we're not off making plans without you.

Over the next few weeks, we're assembling a panel to provide recommendations. We know we're not going to get it right the first time. Heck, we'll probably miss people who have a lot of great ideas. But we have to start somewhere. We'll do our best to be transparent and open about our progress, and we'll move as fast as is right.

Keep the ideas coming. If you see a survey and want to participate, please do. If you want to engage in an impassioned debate, please keep it civil. If you have ideas but want to share them privately, you can email me directly. If you just want to watch, we'll do our best to share updates on this blog, in the forums, on social media, and through other people.

We welcome all voices in this discussion.

- jenny