Did you happen to see the NY Times article "Seattle Taps Its Inner Silicon Valley" that recognizes the growing importance of the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle? As long-time inhabitants of Fremont, the Tableau team has long subscribed to Fremont's self-styled slogan "Center of the Universe." Now, John Markoff, writing in the NY Times' VC Nation column, wrote of Fremont "many communities dream of becoming the next Silicon Valley. This one is actually doing it."

Fremont is hip - and fast-paced. We've got Google, Adobe, Getty Images and others nearby... and we're right in range of the impressive computer science and engineering department at the University of Washington (or "U-Dub" as locals say). For the record, we're easy strolling distance to several quirky neighborhood landmarks he mentions - like a bronze statue of Lenin and the Fremont Troll.

Add a few great restaurants into the mix and this is a mighty fine place to come to every day. So whether you're local and looking for a great place to work or you're long-distance and thinking about relocating, we've got great jobs for people passionate about great data analysis and visualization.