News Round-up

Every once in awhile, we get a flurry of activity from journalists and bloggers talking about Tableau. We like sharing these with you because you're the reason we get the attention in the first place.

Wall Street Journal Online: How Long Does It Take To Build A Technology Empire?

Inc. Magazine: Tableau Software Ranks No. 400 on the 2009 Inc. 500

CBS Sports: 2009 Draft Prep: Is 'The Burner' burnt out? What Visualization Tool/Software Should You Use? – Getting Started An Exclusive Look at Bird Strikes

CNN /Fortune Small Business: HR by Twitter

USA Today: Businesses use Twitter to communicate with customers

TechFlash: Tech stars of the past wouldn't IPO today

Xconomy: A Slice of the Seattle Blogosphere: OVP, IPOs, and Small Businesses

CBS Sports: 2009 Draft Prep: Interactive RB selector

AIIP Award: Association of Independent Information Professionals Selects AIIP Technology Award

SoftwareCEO: Finalists Selected for 2009 CompTIA SoftwareCEO Software

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