New in Tableau Prep: Smart recommendations

Save time cleaning your data with smart recommendations—now available in the latest release of Tableau Prep! Learn how this new feature empowers you to fix common data quality issues in the flow.

We just got back from Tableau Conference in New Orleans where we announced smart recommendations in our opening keynote. And guess what, in the November releases of Tableau Prep (2018.3.2), you will be able to leverage recommendations to save time cleaning your data.

We know that fast and easy data prep means staying in the flow, uninterrupted. We’ve made many improvements in this release to help with exactly that! Additionally, we’ve made some improvements to our Hadoop connections giving you the ability to better manage slow metadata.

Apply smart recommendations to clean your data

Do you have data roles that need to be assigned, values that need to be filtered, or maybe fields that need to be removed? With smart recommendations, Tableau Prep will now examine your fields and suggest changes to help you fix these types of common data quality issues. When there is a recommendation, you'll see a lightbulb indicator on the top right-hand corner of your profile card. Clicking on it provides you with suggestions that you can use to clean your data right then and there.

Faster, more efficient data prep

We’ve spent the last couple of months listening to your feedback on how we can make building flows faster and more efficient. Now, when you shut down the product, the memory space Tableau Prep was using is returned to you right away. If you receive an unexpected error, you can now retry your action or process so you can stay in the flow.

All these fixes in this release will allow you to have an uninterrupted data prep experience. This is only the beginning. Expect improvements every month as we continue to monitor your feedback and product metrics to help improve your overall experience.

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