Ever wonder why New York traffic seems so insane? Yes, there are tons of people on the road, but a new survey of licensed drivers nationwide by GMAC Insurance shows that nearly 40% of licensed New York drivers would not even be able to pass the written drivers test. See the viz from CNN Money below.

If you use the filter on the top left to select "Would fail the written test", you can see that drivers in the East are dangerously miseducated. However, there is no state with perfect drivers. Kansas had the highest proportion of licensed drivers who would pass the written test (if they were to take it again), yet very high figures for texting and eating while driving. So, if you are trying to avoid the "idiots", you may be out of luck.


See 21 Outliers

Explore this dashboard to see 21 States that look like outliers in two categories.

When you select a mark on one visualization, the coresponding state will be highlighted in the other displays.

The single select quick filter will only affect the maps.

Also, notice how the mark size and mark color do not change as you adjust the quick filter in this dashboard.

To avoid bad drivers, stay off the roads. To avoid really bad drivers, stay off the sidewalks too.

Thanks for your post Joe... a very interesting take on the data. Also, the Alaska and Hawaii cut-outs are nice to have.