Meet Iron Viz 2024 Finalist Pata Gogová

A qualifying viz dealing with the dark side of love propelled Pata Gogová to the Iron Viz finals at her first attempt.

Pata Gogová encountered Tableau for the first time four years ago. “I was working for a company that wanted to move away from the data analysis tool they were using and I was tasked with exploring other options. I landed on Tableau and stayed with it because I really got interested in the tool and began to explore more on my own.”

Her learning was done solo in the first phase using the teaching options on the Tableau platform, watching YouTube tutorials, and doing some online courses. This led to a Tableau developer job which took her to Prague, where colleagues introduced her to the Tableau Community. 

“Suddenly it was not just learning stuff, it was learning from others and connecting with others. I joined some Tableau User Groups and it evolved from there. Eventually I was contacted by the founder of the Prague Tableau User Group and now I’m the co-leader.”

Pata Gogová’s 2024 Iron Viz Qualifiers entry

‘CV’ by Pata Gogová on Tableau Public

Whether it’s meeting up in person with Prague TUG members or interacting on online forums, Pata knows that “anytime I have an issue and am looking for a solution, with the help of my network, I always find something. And many times,  when I didn't have the courage to ask questions because I worried about others’ perceptions, people were very helpful and didn’t judge me at all. Seeing how other people solve problems is also really useful. It broadens my knowledge.”

Four years into her Tableau journey, Pata has reached a place where she’s ready to mentor others. “It’s not as if I’m a Tableau master, but I feel I’m ready to extend my reach in Tableau – to support people keen to explore it, engage with communities and share insights.”

As a first-time entrant who made it all the way as a finalist competing at Tableau Conference in San Diego, Pata Gogová is an unexpected contender in the Iron Viz 2024 competition. 

“I went through a phase of shock when I learned that I qualified for the finals!” she says. Now, she is trying to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. “I recognize that Iron Viz is a once in a lifetime thing, so I'm trying to enjoy it. I'm for sure a bit stressed, too, so it’s an interesting mix of emotions. I watched last year's Tableau Conference and Iron Viz finals and I’m trying not to think about how many people are there, because there are thousands!”

If her qualifying viz is anything to go by, the judges and the audience will love what Pata comes up with in San Diego. Love was the qualifier viz theme this year, and she wowed the judges by turning that theme on its head, delivering a viz entitled What is (not) love?


‘CV’ by Pata Gogová on Tableau Public

Pata Gogová’s 2024 Iron Viz Qualifiers entry

“When the topic was first shared I thought I would be full of ideas; that the creativity would flow. It didn’t really happen, maybe because there are so many things I like and love, but love is very subjective. It means something different to everyone. So I took a twist, and delved into things that definitely aren’t love. I think we can find common ground in what love is not. I also wanted to send out a message: no matter what life throws your way, there’s always help available.”

Hunting for data sets to build her qualifier entry led Pata to research the prevalence of violence and abuse within relationships and the effects of inequality in society. “I was looking for studies done by respected organizations to see if my assumptions matched reality, and I was unpleasantly surprised by some of the stats. Almost all the data is one way because, in general, the violence and the abuse and all those ugly things happen to women. Data focusing on men who are the target of abuse is hard to find, and I think more light needs to be shed on that topic as well.”

Senior Data Evangelist and longtime Iron Viz host Andy Cotgreave was blown away by Pata’s entry, calling it “a mature viz with a great design style – a really serious topic handled with grace.”

As Tableau Conference approaches, how is Pata feeling about the Iron Viz finals? “I’m looking forward to meeting everyone there, especially the other finalists. I’m looking forward to the presentations, and just experiencing the atmosphere of TC, because it’s by far the biggest Community event. I’m really excited about it, especially as I have never been to America before!”

You can watch Pata compete live on stage in this year’s Iron Viz finals in-person at Tableau Conference or from the comfort of your home or local watch party via livestream.