Tableau Public super-users La Nación Data awarded “best data journalism team portfolio by a large newsroom”

Each year, the Data Journalism Awards (DJA) recognizes and celebrates excellent works of data journalism from around the world. This year, Argentina’s leading newspaper La Nación earned the award for best data journalism team portfolio by a large newsroom. Leveraging software like Tableau Public, La Nación Data (the name of the integrative team responsible for the paper’s data visualizations) was up against thirteen other finalists, including data teams from The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and The Economist.

In the end, La Nación Data’s outstanding portfolio of 11 data journalism pieces from 2019 was chosen for its use of open data and how it has addressed the demand for institutional transparency.

Tableau Public helps La Nación bring data to the people

One of the interactive data visualizations included in the team’s award-winning portfolio was published using Tableau Public and embedded into a larger story about the 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The story revealed that the Argentinian government spent over eight billion pesos on the Youth Olympic Games, a number that the government had previously refused to make public. With the interactive visualization, readers can explore where these eight billion pesos were spent—and they can then download the data behind the story.

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youth olympics argentina

Providing transparency is one of La Nación Data’s main goals. They believe that making data accessible to all is an integral part of data journalism, and therefore make their data sources publicly available to their readers. And with Tableau Public, they can easily create and publish visualizations that anyone can download, interact with, and learn from.

Explore data journalism by the La Nación Data team

La Nación Data has over 300 Tableau Public visualizations that are seamlessly embedded into La Nación articles. Take a look at some of the vizzes the team published this past year—favorites chosen by Mariana Trigo Viera and Gaby Bouret (a Tableau Public Ambassador!).

Mapping plátanos in Buenos Aires: This interactive map shows the location of 36,000+ platános trees in Buenos Aires, trees loathed by locals for provoking allergies.

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platano trees allergies Buenos Aires

Ranking the G20 countries: La Nación Data visualizes each country’s score for various social and economic indicators, including gender equality, happiness—and even soccer!

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G20 summit country rankings

Where is the city of Buenos Aires investing their money?: The La Nación Data team visualizes over 500 infrastructure projects in Buenos Aires. The government has invested the most money in transportation and the least in public health.

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Argentina public works investments

How did legislation vote on the bill to legalize abortion?: Learn how the Argentinian Senate and House of Representatives voted on a bill to legalize abortion according to age, gender, religious beliefs, and more.

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Argentina abortion bill

The La Nación Data team believes in the importance of delivering data straight into the hands of the people. By using Tableau Public to do so, they help to keep the government accountable and the public informed.

Favorite these vizzes and follow La Nación Data on Tableau Public to stay up-to-date with the work of this award-winning data journalism team!