Football is big business. In 2010, the 32 teams in the NFL generated over $8 billion dollars in revenue and were valued at a collective $33 billion. Individually their valuations vary almost as wildly as their performance. Check out this viz to see why...

There are few strong themes between the teams. The valuations vary, and not in the way you might expect. Jacksonville has relatively decent operating income ($26 million), but it is valued the lowest in the league. The Giants and Jets are both in the top five, without either of them managing to post over $10m in operating income.

So what gives? Among the most important metrics (fan base, financial position, winning record, etc), it seems that the age of the stadium is one of the most important. At first glance this seems moderately superficial, but the economics do make sense. Most teams with new stadiums work out incredibly favorable terms with the stadium owners (usually the city), guaranteeing operating rights in the off-season, naming rights revenue and sometimes even getting the owner to take care of operating costs. Plus, it is way easier to sell season tickets in the new Cowboys Stadium than the Oakland Coliseum.


Wow, someone went "old school" with the Phoenix Cardinals reference (it's been the Arizona Cardinals since 1994). I like the viz...Packers fans are amazing.

Good catch Mark! I used it for the geocoding, and I totally forgot to change it back. Agreed on the Packers fans, but I suppose that is expected since many of them actually own the team.

Hey Ross,

Love this post and thought the Packers fan $ was interesting. Was all the data from Forbes?

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Hey Ross,

Just curious, when you run your cursor over the bubble all the stats for that team come up in a box. Is this something available through Tableau or is this some custom web programming you did in addition to the map?

Al, sorry I just saw this. These are available by default in Tableau as "tooltips". Click edit-tooltip to format and change to your specs.