You will never want to leave the 2010 Tableau Customer Conference, but those painful off-hours and evenings have to be spent somewhere. Luckily, the Emerald City is filled with fascinating food, activities and sights. Use this visualization to browse through our favorite Seattle destinations.

First, decide what you want to do. If you are hungry, you can un-check "All" and re-check "Restaurants". Don't like Thai food- no problem! Just de-select Thai from the next filter. On a budget? Drag the slider over to your desired price range. Once you are ready to make a reservation, click on the restaurant of your choice and the list below will filter to your destination and display its phone number. You can even click on the phone number to link out to the website (if there is one). Obviously, you can use it to find attractions as well.


Hi Ross

What a brilliant idea to do this for us folks who are new to Seattle. Thanks

Our pleasure! Hope it is useful for you.

I am having trouble figuring out how to click to visit the site as described in the title of the Details sheet.

In a Tableau Public workbook like the first one at , I can click a mark, then hover for the tool-tip and them click the link inside of the tool-tip to be taken to the linked to site. I think that works great.

For a URL action, is it best to use the "Menu" for "Run action on" option when intending to publish to Tableau Public?

Hi Joe,

You should be able to literally click on the number in the list below the map and link out.


Thank you Ross, I found out what I was missing: I use Google Chrome, and I did not see that it was blocking the pop-up.

Ah, yes. Happens to me too.

You should add the Boeing Everett Facility Tour to this list - great for us techies!

We actually had it on there but we figured it would take too much time for most people to do. Agreed though... what an interesting thing to do!