Black History Month Celebrated: Week 3 Roundup

The third week of Black History Month comes to an end, but #VisualizeDiversity continues! The submission window for #VizforSocialGood will remain open until Thursday, March 15th. Chloe Tseng challenged participants to create a dialogue around women in politics by leveraging data visualization. Here are some examples of Tableau Public authors doing just that.

The rise of the woman of colour by Amanda Patist

The fourth and final theme for #VisualizeDiversity is Civic Engagement & Politics. Below are a couple data sets that might help you get started, but this data only scratches the surface of civic engagement and politics. Have a different data set in mind? Add to the discussion tab on

Black History Month, Week 4: Civic Engagement & Politics

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We encourage anyone to participate and help us inform, highlight and celebrate Black History Month.