TC recap, network chart among best of the Tableau web

Relive the magic that was TC16. And check out the best of the Tableau web.
Oh, the joy that was TC16! Some 13,000 of you joined us for a week of learning and connecting over all things data. What with its hundreds of sessions and many opportunities to meet other data people, TC is an annual highlight that can leave you feeling, well, a bit ho-hum.

But fear not! We've got a list of recap posts below to help you relive the magic. You can also catch our recorded sessions online. And find yourself and your friends using this network chart by Keith Helfrich and Chris DeMartini, and pick up the #data16 conversation where you left off.

And without further ado, here's the rest of the best of the Tableau web.

Tips & tricks

The Data School How to make: Simple control chart

VizWiz How to swap metrics in a single table and conditionally format the values

InterWorks Tableau deep dive: Sets - calculated fields

3danim8 How I use #Tableau LODs to process asynchronous time-series data

Data + Tableau + Me Feedback, math, and the power of Tableau

Data Revelations Getting survey data 'just so' using Tableau

DataRemixed How to use Tableau and Plotly together

Scaling with Tableau

Tableau Fit How the EXCEL do I implement Tableau? The Cliff’s Notes version to Tableau Drive

Tableau Junkie Windows batch file for Tableau Server silent install

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