Top 7 Government Business Intelligence Trends for 2017

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Learn the seven trends government agencies are using to scale data and analytics initiatives.

Over the past few years, data and self-service analytics has become a cornerstone of the modern enterprise. Governments at every level have started to embrace this new approach to business analytics, with IT and organizational leaders partnering to derive maximum insights and transparency from their data. This year, IT began leveraging technologies to further control, govern and scale access to data. Where are things headed next? We’ve gathered the opinions and observations from hundreds of our experts at government agencies. This paper highlights the top predictions for 2017 including:

  • Modern BI becomes the new normal
  • The era of open data arrives
  • IT becomes the data hero
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In 2017, modern BI will become the top priority for governments as more and more institutions adopt analytics platforms that embrace self-service capabilities, especially in the area of open data.

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