Tableau's Core Cultural Values


We Are On a Mission

Our mission is to help people see and understand data. It represents one of the great opportunities for human advancement this century: profoundly impacting health care, energy efficiency, political outcomes, industrial performance, international cooperation and scientific advancement. The main way we reinforce the missionary culture of our company is by hiring people who identify with, believe in, and are dedicated to advancing our mission.


We Build Great Products

This one speaks for itself.


We Use Our Products

As a product company brimming with ambition, no value is greater at Tableau than We Use Our Products. Regardless of what team you’re on, your teammates expect you to use our products. Our products are the common language of the company, they do downright amazing things for our world and their charms are indistinguishable from magic.


We Work As a Team

What does it mean to be a team at Tableau? It means we’re heavily invested in each other. When we achieve a company goal, it’s a win for us all; when we miss the goal, we all miss. People at Tableau value teamwork and view it as an essential quality of our culture.


We Respect Each Other

We have a culture of respect and humility, and we are biased against hiring self-centered and disrespectful people. We are a company of populated by genuinely smart and respectful (or “humble smart” as we like to say) people. It’s an element of our focus not only internally, but also with our customers-we know they’re the real data experts, and we listen to them.


We Are Honest

Honesty starts with our internal interactions and decisions; everyone here is a part of it. In our culture, we value behavior that is straightforward and sincere. We seek the truth in things and we value an open marketplace of ideas, where the best ideas float to the top regardless of origin. Obfuscation, deceit and conflict-of-interest are unacceptable.


We Keep It Simple

We have always wanted to build products that are fast, easy and beautiful. Why? Because the world’s alternatives for seeing and understanding data are universally slow, painful, and complicated. Simplicity is our identity. We have come to realize that reducing complexity for people represents an enormous and lasting opportunity for our business, and this goes beyond our products.


We Delight Our Customers

Tableau designs products for people who use software, not necessarily for people who buy software. This is a disruptive approach in our industry-we are putting people in the center of an industry not known for it. By championing our customers, we are promulgating a worldview: that people, not machines, or systems, or processes, should take center stage in analytics from now on.

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