Tableau Live Europe: Where data people connect

There is no community quite like the Tableau Community. This collection of creative, diverse data rockstars inform our product innovation and are the driving force of our events. Tableau events are unique experiences for the entire community—whether long-time members or those new to the data fam—to strengthen their analytics skills, connect and inspire one another, and explore the power of data. This is why we're holding Tableau Live - Europe, a free, virtual event, happening 30 June 2020. We hope you’ll join us!

Tableau Live - Europe will have the valuable content and energising connections you've come to expect from all our events, like engaging breakout sessions, Tableau Doctor appointments, and Data Village resources, but with fresh perspectives and new ways to gather. Connect with other data enthusiasts through virtual roundtable discussions, personalise your profile with a welcome video, and engage with speakers and data thought leaders through virtual Happy Hours. You can also find helpful partner solutions and other Tableau resources in Data Village. We’ve also added in some fun for exploring through badges, a virtual photo booth, data playlist, and more.

What are you waiting for? Register for the event to grow your data skills, network with your data people, and explore exciting product features—all while having fun. Read on to discover what else you can expect from Tableau Live - Europe.

What's new in Tableau

At the core of being able to manage current and future change is a flexible analytics platform like Tableau that can take data from almost anywhere and make it actionable. In our three breakout sessions dedicated to innovation, you'll see features of the Tableau 2020.1 and 2020.2 releases—like relationships, dynamic parameters, viz animations, set controls, and more, explore the benefits of externalising your data, and learn about the power analytics and AI predictions Einstein Analytics delivers inside Salesforce.

Data skills for all

Businesses have always needed clean and trusted data to inform decision-making, but with limited time and resources, it's even more critical that this data is accessible to everyone—with each person at an organisation skilled and empowered to use it.

In our Data Skills for All track, including the "Data Trends Shaping 2020 (and Beyond!)" breakout, you’ll learn how to use data effectively regardless of your skill level, learning how to create lasting impact everywhere you go. These sessions celebrate the power of having analytics skills and what that means for the direction the world of data is headed.

Building a data culture

An empowered, data-literate workforce is not only critical to digital transformation, but also for developing an agile and robust data culture. Gartner predicts that by 2021, CIOs will be responsible for changing culture from a barrier to an accelerator. In the session focused on building a data culture, you'll learn how leaders from some of our largest customer organisations are putting data at the centre of their business strategy, sharing best practices on realising a data culture.

Additionally, having empowered employees and a thriving data culture are investments in the people that make up an organisation. Join our event to meet other data leaders through the new virtual roundtables at Tableau Live, which bring together like-minded data enthusiasts for knowledge sharing and problem solving. Create a roundtable based on topic or interest, and then let anyone join or invite specific users. These connections last long after the event is over and provide a resource to tap into for help year-round.

At Tableau Live - Europe, we're bringing data people together (virtually, of course) to celebrate the magic of the Tableau Community, solve problems with data, expand analytics skills, and share resources to speed up recovery. Register for the 30 June event and leave energized, empowered, and equipped to move forward, together.

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