InterWorks + Tableau: Working together to help customers at scale

Today's blog post comes from Behfar Jahanshahi, CEO of InterWorks. A tech enthusiast from a young age, Behfar continues to mix together his passions for technology, entrepreneurship, and business.

With the release of Tableau 2019.3 and the Server Management Add-on, we wanted to share a bit about our journey—of InterWorks working with Tableau to help our joint customers scale Tableau Server.

Back in 2013, we noticed many of our clients were starting to deploy Tableau Server in larger, business-critical use cases. As our customers did this, we started to see two patterns emerge. First, customers needed additional tools to precisely understand the health of their Tableau Server deployment. They wanted to be able to dig into their VizQL sessions and see how Tableau Server was using the underlying hardware in real time. Second, they were looking at ways to move, transform, and distribute content programmatically.

One of the things that has always made InterWorks unique is the scrappy nature of our people to ensure we are meeting the needs of customers. When there isn’t a clear path or a button to push, we’ll blaze that path and build that button. With that ethos in mind, Power Tools for Tableau was born.

Our server performance tool was created to help customers understand the health of their Tableau Server environment with agent-based monitoring. We also tackled the content migration problem with a desktop application to help customers move and transform content through their analytical journey. We’ve been working alongside Tableau to continue to build and improve these tools.

The InterWorks partnership with Tableau moved even further this year with the acquisition of our performance and content migration tools. They have now been integrated into the Tableau product line as parts of the new Server Management Add-on, released with Tableau 2019.3. We’re more excited than ever for customers to benefit from the value of these tools and to help Tableau Server Management Add-on customers get the most out of their Tableau investment.

InterWorks is a people-focused tech consultancy delivering premier service and expertise. Since 1996, our clients have trusted us to guide them toward the best solutions to maximize their data experience. As the first Tableau Gold Partner and the largest global collection of Tableau fans, we empower people at every step of their analytics journey.

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