The end of October has come and gone— which means it’s time for another Best of the Tableau Web! There’s no doubt about it, this month’s BOTW highlight was Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas. I love that there are almost as many takeaways from TC17 as there are authors, so thank you to everyone who posted and wrote recaps. I also appreciate the reflective posts many of you written addressing how the Tableau community can improve. We all want the best from the community, and seeing your ideas helps us find the right way forward.

This month, you’ve also been coming up with some great ideas. I particularly liked Ken Flerlage’s post on the beauty of Pi. While this doesn’t have much business application, his post highlighted the power of being creative. The lesson I took from his post was that while you might have one goal in mind as you explore data, it’s the accidental paths you follow that are often more rewarding. Your own data explorations might not end up as gorgeous as Ken’s Pi vizzes, but they might provide you with unexpected insight. Well done, Ken!

I also enjoyed Elena Hristozova’s post about Dashboard Development and Design Thinking. This is a subject close to my heart, and it’s really good to see people applying existing models to our field. In this case, Elena took the Double Diamond model and reworked it for dashboards. If you want to find out more about dashboards, do check out our own series of Webinars running this November.

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