Tableau Online now available on AWS

Editor’s Note: Tableau Online is now Tableau Cloud.

We are excited to announce Tableau Online is now running on Amazon Web Services in the US-East (Virginia) region. Tableau Online is our fastest-growing product with more than 5,000 customer accounts in more than 100 countries. This latest expansion will enable us to scale faster and support our customers in more parts of the world. Our first available data center was on the West Coast, followed in January by the European data center in Dublin. This new data center will make it easier for customers who are already using AWS data services or any other data sources near the East Coast to get their analytics closer to the data they care about. We’ve been building optimized connectors to the AWS data sources most important to our customers such as Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon RDS, and hosting the new center on AWS will significantly boost performance for customers using AWS databases. Adding AWS as an option for Tableau Online customers is a natural evolution. Since Amazon Redshift launched in early 2013, we’ve seen hundreds of customers doing incredible things with Tableau and Redshift. And Redshift has become the fastest-growing and most popular data source used with Tableau Online, growing by almost 100 percent each year since Tableau Online first launched in July 2013. We're also excited for this change because it gives us the freedom to focus on innovation. The heavy infrastructure management can be left to the experts at AWS, and we can focus on delivering the analytics and data management features you request every day. Here is a quick Q&A to help you get started. Sign up for a free trial and select the US East site location when creating your site. How do I set up a trial site on AWS? Sign up here, and make sure to select the US East region in the last drop-down menu. I already have a Tableau site. How do I move to the new AWS US-East region? Contact Tableau support to discuss the different options for your site. Will the new Tableau Online instances on AWS be any different in functionality?

No, the experience is exactly the same as every other site. Where will you expand to next? Where do you want us to expand? Let us know and we will weigh the needs of all of our customers for the next expansion. Start your free trial of Tableau Online.

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