Introducing our Tableau Support Twitter handle!

They’re your superheroes when you have viz problems. They’re the ones you call when you’ve got a data connection question. They’re your Tableau support team, and now you can reach them on Twitter.

Tableau Support Team group picture

We’re excited to announce a new Twitter handle run by our support team, @TableauSupport! What can you expect from @TableauSupport? This Twitter handle will not only provide resources and help you through the support process, it will also share content to help you improve your Tableau skills. So don’t forget to follow them for the latest release notes, support articles, and cool events like Developer Office Hours!

To celebrate this new Twitter handle, we’d like to invite you to meet the faces behind @TableauSupport.

Diego Medrano, Community Global Support Engineer

A Boston native, Diego left Massachusetts four years ago to spend time teaching before eventually finding a home at Tableau. “I love getting to know our customers and how they want to use their data,” he says. “From brand new customers to Zen Masters, there are so many wonderful people to meet and so many things to learn.” In his free time, he plays in a band, watches too many movies, plays intramural sports, makes vizzes to settle non-existent baseball debates, and finds sleep increasingly expendable.

Diego Medrano

Lénaïc Riédinger, Community Global Support Engineer

Meet Lénaïc, aka Lenny, a community engineer who just joined our Dublin team. Originally from Normandy, France, Lenny moved to Ireland back in 2014 to work as a social manager for a gaming company. And Lenny is truly a jack of all trades. He has a degree in chemistry, experience as a rock musician, and a love of both video games and sports. He also has a soft spot in his heart for bunnies. Why? “They’re just so cute!” he says. Well, we can’t argue with that.

Lenny Riedinger

Brandon Babbitt, Technical Support Specialist

Brandon Babbitt loves Web Data Connectors. And music. He plays trombone, piano, and drums, and also sings! At Tableau, he’s the Queue Lead on the Server Triage support team. That means he spends his days getting geeky about things like data sources and user permissions. In his free time (besides playing music), he follows the Seattle Seahawks and the Mariners, and enjoys sports like snowboarding, golf, and bowling.


Adam Freeman, Technical Support Specialist

Adam took a strange route to his career in software, but he absolutely loves it. A former Marine from Tampa, Florida, Adam pursued both physics and math before he got into software. In his free time, he enjoys scuba diving, cycling, and “programming really awful applications” (though we’re sure he’s just being modest).


So go on, head over to Twitter and introduce yourself to this wickedly cool and supportive crew!

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