As You Requested, We’ve Improved the Tableau Viz Toolbar

You asked for improvements to the Tableau Server toolbar, and we heard you.

We’ve released Tableau 9.2.2, which includes several changes in response to your feedback. Fields now prepopulate to help you share and subscribe to views faster. And custom views now have visibility and insights to help you see view names and settings.

Here are the details of the improvements:

1.View Name in Toolbar

The toolbar now shows the name of the current view.

When saving a view, Tableau no longer automatically checks “make public” and “make default.”

3. Better Custom-Views Menu

The improved custom-views menu helps you distinguish the default view from the shared views. The menu also has better visuals indicating which view is currently in use and when it needs saving.

4. Auto-Populating Subject Line

When you subscribe to a custom view, Tableau auto-populates the subject line.

5. Email Link in Share Menu

The share menu has gained an email link.

As you can see, your feedback helps drive our products and vision here at Tableau. Our beta testers helped seed several of these latest updates. You, too, can join the beta program which is open to all Tableau customers. You can also share your thoughts on the Ideas Forum and vote for feature ideas you’d like to see come to life!

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