Meet the New Tableau Ambassadors Who Inspire Our Community

You’ve seen them in the Tableau community. You’ve been drawn to attend their user group meetings. You’ve been inspired by what they’ve shared in the social stratosphere. I’m talking about the new Tableau Ambassadors!

To kick off 2016, the Tableau Ambassador program is adding 13 new, amazing people. Each of them has significantly contributed to the Tableau community over the last few months. Their dedication to sharing what they know about data and Tableau, helping others get their questions answered, and connecting with people has put them in the spotlight. And it’s time they’re recognized for their hard work.

There are three different types of Tableau Ambassadors. The Tableau Social Ambassadors are rock stars at finding, sharing, and creating content on Twitter and other social media outlets. You can follow them here.

The Tableau User Group Ambassadors work busily to organize in-person meetings, and act as resources for other user group leaders.

And the Tableau Community Ambassadors are constantly answering questions, sharing workbooks and tips, and welcoming new members to the Tableau community.

It is with my great pleasure that I introduce to you these new Tableau Ambassadors.

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