Best of the Tableau Web ... February 2015

Welp, February came and went—it's amazing how being a mere 3 days shorter can make the month feel as though it's flying past. Luckily for me (and for you, Dear Reader) the shortest month of the year certainly didn't result in any lack of amazing content out there.

This month, the Tableau community was abuzz with tips, tricks, and, yes, frustrations. ('I Hate When Tableau Does That'—is a fantastic title and a great read.) Seriously, there's a LOT of excellent training material here.

For starters, check out this inventive use of symbols in a bullet chart:

And onto Best of the Tableau Web:

New on 9.0

  • VizPainter: Other Favorite New Tableau 9.0 Features
  • The Information Lab: 10 New Features in Tableau v9 You May Not Know About
  • Interworks: Comparing performance of Tableau 8.3 vs Tableau 9 Server

Tips & Tricks

Beyond the Basics


  • Tableau Zen: Implementing Tableau Server: Top 10 Pitfalls


  • Inviso: Why Selling Tableau Is Easy as 1-2-3!

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