Format This Interactive Key-Metrics Dashboard in Just 10 Minutes

Note: Check out our follow-up post featuring our revamped key-metrics dashboard.

Want more of your colleagues to dive into data? Introduce them to the data-informed way of life with an elegant dashboard of key metrics.

A high-level dashboard that keeps the company updated at all levels and also drills down in seconds can help people evolve from passive data consumers to self-service can-doers. How? The key is interactivity, which allows people to ask and answer their own questions and find valuable insights in real-time. This self-service approach not only empowers end users to make better business decisions but also gets everyone excited about the vast possibilities of the data at their fingertips.

With Tableau, there are many ways to format an approachable, beautiful, and interactive dashboard. Here’s one approach that takes just 10 minutes:

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to format your own interactive dashboard:

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