Map enthusiasts, rejoice! Tableau 9.2 comes with Mapbox integration.

Mapbox is an awesome map service provider. With a Mapbox account, you can use a number of preset background maps or build your own custom map, complete with your cartographic design and even your own data.

Here's an example. With a few quick clicks, we added a preset outdoor background map to our avalanche analysis. Now it’s easy to see the most dangerous mountain ranges:

Getting started with MapBox is easy. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Go over to and sign up for an account.
2. From your Mapbox account, copy your account token.
3. Start Tableau and connect to your geographic data.
4. From the Maps menu, choose Background Maps > Map Services.
5. On the Map Service dialog, click Add > Mapbox Map.
6. Input a name for your style, and add your account token. Pick a preset map.
7. If you've already built your own custom map, you can supply your map ID.

If you haven’t built your own custom map with Mapbox before, it’s simple. Using Mapbox Studio, you can create a new project using one of Mapbox’s preset maps and style it using CartoCSS. You can also use your own data to build custom layers in your map. Simply upload your spatial file (like a zipped Shapefile) to your account or through Mapbox Studio.

Here's an example from Anya A’Hearn and Allan Walker. who used MapBox to show some team spirit. "You now know where the folks that shop at SuperStore live, and that they are Giants Fans!" say the authors in a how-to post.

Mapbox has great online resources as well, including tutorials on how to get started. Read up on all the best practices, tips, and tricks. And make sure to review Mapbox's terms of use:

Getting Started with Mapbox Studio Classic
Getting Started with CartoCSS

Tableau 9.2 is currently in beta. If you want to try the beta, contact your Tableau sales rep. The beta program is available for existing Tableau customers. Customers with an active maintenance license can upgrade for free when Tableau 9.2 is released.

We'll continue investing in geographic data and capabilities that help bring your data to life. Do let us know if you have any feedback. And visit the Ideas Forum and tells us about the features you'd like to see in Tableau.

Happy mapping!


Would love to try the Mapbox integration and functionality.

I wish to have strong features on Base Map like other giants Mapping software provider like ESRI and Google.I ask If someone got licence from student licence request can use 9,2 Beta?

I cannot sign up for the Mapbox account (tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE), cannot type anything in the sign up form. my co-workers have the same issue. I also tried their mobile site, can't type either.

I've been playing around with this, and can get a mapbox map to load into 9.2, but even though my Mapbox map has layers,in tableau I can't choose between them...I get all three mashed together.

I don't know how to generate my token. Can someone help me ?

This will be a stupid question - I am using tableau 9.2 desktop. Is the data, that will be visualized on the mapbox map, sent to mapbox or does tableau pool the map into desktop?

I have created two styles (a and b) on mapbox site. so when I am using the default token in tableau,which style will afftect on tableau (a or b)

i am trying to integrate mapbox with tableau public 9.3. i followed below steps:
click on Map in the menubar > Map Services > Add > Mapbox Maps. Give your style a name, then navigate to your mapbox account in your browser and copy your API Access Token to your clipboard. Go back to Tableau and paste this into the appropriate field.
however, i still do not see the mapbox map in tableau.
can someone help? i am not getting any error.

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