Destination Data is right around the corner, and to help you navigate conference, we’re supplying you with the Data14 app, the official guide to the 2014 Tableau Conference that will fit in your pocket (and the palm of your hand).

Browse the conference agenda, create your personal schedule, connect via social during presentations, and get all the details about parties, meetups, plus everything else available to you the week of conference. It’s also where you will be able to provide us with valuable feedback on how we can keep improving your conference experience.

Game On! Gamify your conference experience by networking with speakers, sponsors, and fellow data lovers (including Tableau employees!) and you could win cool Tableau swag or a free ticket to TC15!

Download the app today. (Most content is available for all to view. To favorite sessions, save to your calendar, take surveys, play Game On, and connect with other attendees, you'll need to log in (navigate to the "My Profile" page) with your email address and your conference confirmation number. We recently sent you an email with the subject line: "Download the Data14 app today. It’s the whole Tableau Conference in your pocket." It has all the information you'll need to log into the app.)

Find a mobile web (Windows Phone-friendly) version of the app here

What’s hot? Find highlighted speakers and sessions, as well as other fun things, like Tableau Doctor and Data Playground, plus important information you'll need to know. From here, you can fave an item (to save it to your schedule), and drill down into a detail page for more information about a session, speaker, or activity.

Discover Screen

Main Menu

Home base. You’ll find all related menus here. The universal search function lives at the top menu – search by keyword or name to find anything your data-loving heart desires (in the app): sessions, speakers, activities, sponsors, and more.

Every session, by day and time. Explore all 270 available learning opportunities, then drill down to the session detail page for more information (you can also fave from the day’s schedule by tapping the star). Feeling overwhelmed? Use the filters (walkthrough below), and when you get to conference, make sure to visit a Schedule Scout (find them at Answers Desks throughout conference) who can help you come up with a personalized itinerary based on your interests, user type, and skill level.


Since you won’t physically be able to go to 270 sessions, use the filters within the app to find the type of content that’s right for you. (See the bottom right corner of the screen shot above. The "Filters" option lives on every day of the schedule.)

  • See all filters available, including time span
  • Filter by: Content Type, Industry, Skill Level, and User Type
  • See all the filters you’ve applied, and how many in each category. Save your filters to apply to all days. Not getting any/enough results? Make sure to clear your filters so you can see everything.

On a session detail page, find the title, abstract, and speaker information, as well as the room/location, content type, and skill level categories. You can fave the item from here as well (to save to your calendar). What’s more, you can take notes (which you can export), give feedback via the session survey, post to social media, and join the discussion for each session.

Someone special catch your eye? Drill down to the speaker detail page from any session detail page, or simply find them in the speakers list from the main menu (categorized by speaker type). If you come to this page first, you’ll see all the sessions the speaker will be presenting.

Speaker Detail

With more than 5,000 attendees at Tableau Conference, you're sure to make some great connections. Search for other attendees here and connect via the app: send a message directly to their app inbox. (Login is required.)

Make sure to visit with all of our sponsors in the Expo Hall, and take a look at their sponsor detail page in the app to get even more information about all they have to offer. You can keep notes here about what products you might want to use or add to leverage your Tableau investment, who you met, and their contact information. P.S. Make sure to get their "secret word" and enter it on the Game On page.

There’s a lot going on that isn’t technically one of the 270 learning opportunities available to you. Here’s where you’ll find all the other important details, including where to find beer, wine, or coffee the morning after all that beer or wine (Bar Chart), where you can give your brain a break (Data Playground), and of course, the legendary Tableau parties.

Happenings Menu

Where you can find your notifications inbox (we will send you important information here, such as a room change for a session, or a message that shuttles are departing for the Seattle Center), the attendee survey where you can give us important event feedback, and links to Tableau social accounts, websites, and product disclaimer.

News & Info

Maps for every level of the Washington State Convention Center, The Convention Center, and a detailed map of the Expo Hall live here.


Find your notes, check your inbox for messages from other attendees, and adjust your app settings.

Find the secret words throughout conference, scan QR codes, and fill out feedback surveys for sessions you attend (plus lots more ways to earn points). The top three people on the leaderboard will win shopping sprees at the Tableau store—and the top 20% of the leaderboard will be entered into a random drawing for a complimentary ticket to the 2015 Tableau Conference. Game On!

Game On

Questions? Let us know in the comments.


Wow! What a powerful app. This gets me even more jazzed for the Tableau conference.

Love it already! Question... The profile page looks like you should be able to upload a picture there (to replace the Facebook-y blue & white silhouette) but if you can I can't figure it out.

Hi Kathy, no photos, unfortunately. Just log in and you'll be good to go! If you haven't received the email from us with you credentials, sit tight -- it's on its way.

Thanks, Pam. I've already logged in and tonight I'm going to plan out my schedule on my shiny new app. :)

Awesome! Let me know if you've got any other questions - happy to help.

I had the same question, would be nice to have photos so people can recognize each other. I'm @aedion and take lots of pictures!

Apologies for the late reply. Currently the option to upload pictures to your profile is not available at this time. It is something we are looking into implementing for next years conference. Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards,

Roman Javier
Event Technology Manager
Tableau Software

What do you you use as your login?

Hi Shawn, we just sent out an email to all registered attendees for conference. If you haven't gotten it yet, please sit tight -- we just sent it so it's probably on it's way to you. If you have the email address you registered for conference with, and your registration confirmation number handy, that's all you need!

I just received my email

Great - let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

You can't make a reservation for the Space Needle on that menu item. #Fixthebug please.

Sorry Andy! My bad, the link isn't live yet. We'll add it when it is. Thanks!

cannot login throught the app... I am using my email address and my confirmation number which was also just sent to me tonight. Can you help?

Hi Karl, I forwarded your comment to our Conference Operations team. They should be in touch. So sorry for the inconvenience!

1. Everyone, the password is case sensitive
2. Really need a capability to search attendees by company for better meetups.

How do we add notes? I see "Please add a note" but have not figured out how to do it.

Hi Pam and Karl - I found that if you copy the password and paste it into the app, it doesn't work. Typing it in manually worked for me.

Like others, I can't get the login to work via copy/paste or via manual entry. What's the support process look like to get this to work? Also, making the password masked for the low security confrence confirmation number is really annoying for checking errors.

When I try to open Game On, I get the following error message:
The application Data14 (process com.tableausoftware.tableau) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

Then I have to force close and re-open the app.
Any ideas how I can open my Game On?

Is there any way to access the conference schedule via a standard web page? That is, I want to view it on my laptop.

hi great app! when i try to save to my calendar on my iphone 5 i get "Error, Plese edit your Calendar Privacy Settings to use this feature" ... can't figure out how to fix this - suggestions? thaks! - Carol

Carol, it sounds like a setting you've modified on your phone.

Hi is there a way to change your password? I would hate to try and remember the confirmation number!

Melody - there isn't, but you shouldn't need to log in more than once. Let us know if you're having an issue.

I'm having trouble logging in to the app and I never received the instructions email. Who can I contact for help?

Hi Gayle,

You should have received an email with the subject line “Download the Data14 app today. It’s the whole Tableau Conference in your pocket.”

If you didn’t receive it or can't locate it, it please click follow this link

and click on “Confirmation Number” which will open a pop up window requesting the email address associated to your conference registration. Let me know if that solves the issue and we look forward to you coming to Seattle.

Best Regards,

Roman Javier
Event Technology Manager
Tableau Software

Tried using the same address as above and my confirmation code, but still can't log in on the App.

I am unable to login with the confirmation number sent. Please help.

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