In this post, gentle reader, we give you no less than the future.

Every year a number of us gather to discuss the state of analytics. What’s new, what’s innovative. Which concepts are emerging, and which promising approaches are finally becoming mainstream.

While we can’t promise that we are 100% correct, we can promise an interesting read.

One of the most interesting new trends to emerge, outlined by Tableau Social Content Manager Andy Cotgreave, is #4: Communities differentiate. Communities unite people who have similar interests and let them achieve more than they ever could have alone. And just as people now choose their own devices for the usability and delight of the experience, people are starting to choose their own business products in part because of helpful and inspiring actions from the community.

This year we expect to see people continuing to choose from the best products out there vs. returning to monolithic systems, but they will demand that those systems work together (#5: Everything integrates.) And the cloud hasn’t even started on the world of analytics: see trend #6, Cloud analytics isn’t just for cloud data anymore.

If you would like to you can download the PDF of all the trends here.

I’ll let you check out the rest for yourself. If you're interested, please watch an on-demand webinar discussion of these trends. Or feel free to leave your thoughts here, or tweet us @tableau or me @eleanorpd. Let’s have a conversation.


Perfect format for this. Not too much information, enough to preview quickly, but links to white papers. Love it.

Tableau is the only name in the realm of rapid fire business intelligence! This summary is spot on and beats users' expectation, bravo!

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