ManpowerGroup Increases Analytics Speed, Output, and Quality Using Tableau

“Five people and three weeks for one client was yesterday’s reality. Now with Tableau, it is two people, fifty clients, in a day or two.”
- Anuwat Raviwongse, Director of Analytics for ManpowerGroup

As the world’s third-largest human resources service provider, ManpowerGroup has a great deal of data that it wanted to turn into competitive insight. After establishing an analytics department in 2010, ManpowerGroup began expanding its use of Tableau to drive fast, actionable insight.

“Before, a lot of our information was very anecdotal,” says Anuwat Raviwongse, Director of Analytics for ManpowerGroup. “We kind of knew what was happening.”

Today, the analytics team produces significantly more business review documents in less time and with fewer resources. And the reports are higher quality now, too.

“The teams saw our speed and thought, ‘Oh wow—we like you. Let's use you more.’ The visuals and the different drill-downs that we could provide—it was just leaps and bounds above what they were getting before,”says Sarah Nell, Global Corporate Account Analyst at ManpowerGroup.

Best of all, conversations—both internally and with clients—have become more data-driven and strategic, leading to new opportunities and stronger relationships.

For example, the insight provided by the Manpower analytics group enabled a key customer to save $100,000 through better workforce management.

“We've become a lot less transactional. Today we are lot more strategic for our key customers,” says Raviwongse. “We are more of a partner to our clients around the workforce and not just having ‘I need a temp tomorrow’ kind of conversations.”

To learn more, read the full case study.

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