Touch. Slide. Boom. Tableau Mobile.

In an age when you can find out what’s happening around the world on Twitter faster than the news can report it, why should answering questions about your data be any different? Empowering our customers with real-time data is another way that Tableau is advancing our mission to help people see and understand their data. Whether it’s monitoring patient flow on the hospital floor or tracking sales quota from a cruise ship, we want to make your data available whenever and wherever you want to see it. We talked to some of our customers who are using Tableau’s mobile capabilities to access their data from anywhere, changing the way people work. “It’s like watching the light bulb go off every single time,” says Ryan Renner, Principal at Deloitte. Watch the below video to see how Tableau’s mobile experience helps people gain insight everywhere from a bustling hospital floor in Baltimore to a major shipping port in Australia.

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