Tableau Server a Click Away - Chrome Extension

The Tableau Community never ceases to amaze me. My most recent "whoa, this is pretty spectacular" moment came when I saw Craig Bloodworth's new Google Chrome Extension for Tableau Server. As someone who is a heavy duty Tableau Public user as well as regular Server publisher, this seemingly little addition actually made a huge difference in my workflow.

This isn't the first time Craig has wowed me (there's a reason he's a Tableau Zen Master), but what really made me do a double take is that this Extension feels like Tableau yet was 100% built by him. It's more than just the colors and visual design, it's the thought put into the interface that really addresses an issue lots of Tableau Server users face.

In his own words:

"It’s a light-weight tool which puts your Tableau visualisations right at your fingertips."

"...published workbooks will be neatly displayed in your toolbar for quick easy access."

(Checkout Craig's blog post over at The Information Lab for more details and installation instructions)

Craig's Chrome Extension is well timed since for a while now we've been wanting to provide a place for people who are interested in building things related to Tableau. That's why I'm excited to roll out the Tableau Developer Community. This is a hub for finding and sharing resources on any number of projects from things like building browser extensions and add-ons to integrating visualizations into web portals using the new 8.0 JavaScript API. If you like to roll up your sleeves and aren't afraid to do a little coding, then come join us.

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