This is the fourth in a series of blog posts on the Tableau 8.1 release. With Tableau 8.1, IT gets a lot of new features that help ensure resiliency of Tableau Server as well as integrate it with their existing systems. In a short video series, Neelesh Kamkolkar, Enterprise Product Manager Extraordinaire, describes some of these.

Sign on once with SAML

Tableau Server 8.1 supports SAML, an authentication protocol that lets you configure single sign-on for users across Tableau and other applications. This makes it easier for you to integrate analytics right inside your corporate portal and other applications such as Salesforce.

These two videos describe how to do that:

External load balancers with Tableau

Using an external load balancer lets you eliminate a single-point of failure: your Tableau deployment can automatically fail over. This means that you reduce downtime and can meet your Service Level Agreements more easily. Neelesh tells you more here:

More for the enterprise

Tableau 8.1 has more features for the enterprise, from 64-bit enablement and IPv6 support to reduced downtime for backups. Follow this space for more about Tableau 8.1 and for general availability of the release!



Good stuff on external load balancer support. Can we please get the slides for it?


Could you please email to




Video on ELB Support Overview was great! Thanks for making the video and visualization. Do you have additional slides or material that document the recommended Primary / BackUp Primary configuration?

I have a 4-node environment having a Primary Server, Worker 1, Worker 2, and Backup Primary? Reviewing the documentation in the Admin Guide, I'm not sure if I leave the Backup Primary server in a disabled state if I have my ELB configured to point to all the nodes.

Are you able to make the slide deck available for download? Otherwise could you please send to Any additional information/documentation you have on best practice for a Distributed/HA environment would be helpful.

Thanks again!

I think I got my answer after reading some additional posts and getting clarification from Tableau Support

Automatic Failover to a Backup Primary isn't possible, yet. We still need to follow the the steps outline in the Configuring the Backup Primary as documented in the lower section of:


ELB usage is great but does the ELB need to persist the session for better web experience? Does it work off TCP alone or is UDP ok? Can we use least connection method instead of round-robin? Can we also include a backup primary video on this page to ensure licensing , search continue to work in case the primary cannot be restored within 8hours?

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