Molly Monsey, expert Tableau trainer, maps out how to select the right classroom training for your Tableau skill level and learning interests. Whether you're a Tableau Jedi, newbie or someone in between – we've got something for everyone at our 2012 Customer Conference.

New to Tableau? Expert user who thinks you know all the tricks? Maybe you've watched the free online trainings but would also like to augment your knowledge with in-person classroom training. Hear recommendations from a Tableau trainer who helps new and expert customers from all over the world learn Tableau in this week's #TCC12 video whiteboard session.

View the TCC12 classroom training lineup here and browse all Tableau training options here.

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A nice overview Molly with so many great options. One more option was just added,
"The Accidental Analyst: Show Your Dashboard Who’s Boss!" This course is open to anyone and is a great kick-start for users new to Tableau.

I will be co-teaching this course which is based on our book, "The Accidental Analyst." At the end of last year's conference, Tableau gave a copy of the book as a parting gift. Since last year's conference, we have received an enthusiastic response, including Stephen Few's review, "This is a wonderful book, filled with practical advice."

You can read more about the book at

Molly, this looks awesome! Great job on giving the options...


"The Accidental Analyst" deserves the kudos Stephen Few and others have given it. I find myself going back to it often as new analytics challenges present themselves. Is the current edition available on materially different from the edition gifted at TCC11?


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