Perceptual Edge's 2012 Dashboard Design Competition

If you spend any amount of time in data visualization, then you know the name Stephen Few. He's launched a new contest at his site, Perceptual Edge, and we hope you'll throw your entry into what might be one of the toughest contests out there. Read on for the best tip we can offer you:

Do not create dashboards like this. (image courtesy Perceptual Edge)

The premise of the contest is simple: Take student performance data (provided by Few) and present the best dashboard that could actually be used by a school teacher to monitor their students. Anyone and everyone is eligible, as is any type of software tool you'd like to use.

If you win, you'll get your dashboard in the second edition of Few's book, Information Dashboard Design.

So brush up those viz chops and head on over to Perceptual Edge to learn more!

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