Your Ideas: Heard, Considered and Now in Beta

One of the most exciting parts of the Tableau community is the Ideas site. This is where customers tell us what they want and dream up radical new ideas. Customer, partners and Tableau folks discuss the merits of these ideas and different ways to do them. It’s become a great space for collaborating with customers.

UPDATED 11/28/12 with 3 ideas related to Ctrl+ mouse wheel scroll to zoom in map.

Turns out, Tableau folks weren’t just chatting. Tableau 8 was unveiled in today’s keynote and there are 21 ideas that are actually in beta or partially addressed by new features. Here's a full list:
Notably, the #1 idea, Dashboard Level Filter, is moving into beta. Woot! Tableau developers, program managers, and product folks of all types are in the Ideas forums constantly, trying to understand customer requests and ideas. So you're being heard. Thanks for the ideas everyone, keep them coming.

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